Creature Cops SVU Available for Pre-Order in November Previews

Creature Cops: SVU #1 Available for Pre-Order in November Previews

Check out Creature Cops: SVU #1in the November Diamond PREVIEWScatalog! You can find the solicitation for the first issue--the page shown here--in the IDW section.

With it being a new creator-owned book, if you'd like to make sure you local comic shop has a copy for you when the book ships in late January, please pre-order it! I can't emphasize enough what a huge difference pre-orders make for a new book...

Creature Cops: SVU #1tells the story of burned-out animal cop Al Kaminski, as he investigates a death cult with ties to a case from his past. But, in the style of a police ensemble drama, it also follows all the officers of the precinct, in cases ranging from fighting rings to hoarding.

On the advertisement, you can also see the letter from Comics Experience founder and President, Andy Schmidt, explaining this new line of creator-owned comics coming from CE and IDW. Upcoming titles include Drones, Gutter Magic, and Tet. I'm very excited about the whole new line!

Issue #1 of Creature Copswill ship in late January 2015 and the Diamond PREVIEWScode for pre-ordering right now is NOV140526.

I hope you check it out!

--Rob Anderson

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